Jeevan Nonwoven
Jeevan Nonwoven Jeevan Nonwoven
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IndiaMART TrustSealEstablished in 1988, JP Non Woven Fabrics is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Nonwoven . Our product portfolio ranges from embossed non woven fabrics to thermal bonded non woven fabrics besides needle punched fabrics and thermal bonded fabrics. However, we specialise in manufacturing an impressive range of embossed fabrics for a wide variety of applications.

We aim to provide cutting-edge non-woven products in the quickest time to cater to the needs of our customers. Over the past two decades, we have made rapid strides in the industry through constant innovation and high standards of excellence. Today, we have the expertise & wherewithal of manufacturing flexibility to develop products as per the specifications and application demands of our customers.

bussiness Our portfolio of products incorporate solutions for a wide range of industries having applications as:

  • Insulation (Sound/ Heat/ Thermal)
  • Wipes
  • Filtration
  • Automobiles Trims
  • Nonwoven Geotextile
  • Waterproofing Protection
  • Perforated Jp Geopipe
  • Geotextile for Landfill
  • Non Woven Geo Bags
Home Textile
  • Quilts/ Bedspread/ Playpins/ Polyfill
  • Mattresses Fire Barrier
  • Furniture/ Wadding/ Polyfill
Non Woven Geo Bags


Mission Statement
We aim to provide our customers with the best quality products at the most reasonable rates, so that the customer can get the best value for money.

We are led by a team of technocrats having years of experience in the field of Nonwoven . Coupled with experience and innovative practices, we are always at the cutting-edge of technology. This has facilitated growth in the range of products as well as the quality we offer to our customers.

To use superior quality of raw material with consistence supply to produce good & Consistence policy.. This dedication to quality ensures that materials retain their properties for a long time, thereby ensuring longevity of construction projects.

Customization Expertise
At JPN, we understand the requirements of our customers for availing non-woven products that suit their exact application needs. By nurturing our manufacturing facilities and design expertise, we have the capability to manufacture Nonwoven of any specification as desired by our customers. Our expertise in Nonwoven has been invaluable in meeting the fabric requirements of customers and it is this characteristic that has endeared our customers over the years.

We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in the industrial hub of Rabale in Navi Mumbai. We are equipped with the latest equipments and technologies to undertake the manufacturing of products of any specification and quantity. With an installed production capacity of upto 350 kgs/hr, our manufacturing capabilities cover the production of Nonwoven having thickness characteristics ranging from:
  • 100 gsm to 6000 gsm.
  • 0.3 mm to 125 mm thickness.
Manufacturing Process
Our manufacturing process represents the cutting-edge in terms of technology. From blending of fibers to needle-punching through precision barbed needles for interlocking the fibers, the process is constantly monitored to control characteristics such as consistency of weight, thickness, etc. Our thermoforming process is ideal for creating complex three dimensional shapes, that are economical, accurate and versatile as well. We use the finest raw materials sourced from our office in Shanghai and China that are able to extract a high production output from our plant and equipments.

Quality Assurance
We ensure high quality of our finished products through an established system that is focused on process control. With constant monitoring, we are able to monitor trends on a constant basis, and able to recognize variations taking corrective actions on a timely basis. Every thermal non-woven product we deliver is manufactured to the highest levels of purity from chemicals through excellence in manufacturing techniques.

Research & Development
Through continuous research and development, Jeevan Nonwoven has been the most preferred choice of clients, so far as the Nonwoven are concerned. We have substantially invested in our research and development subsequently enhancing our capabilities to cater to the diverse requirements of customers in different industrial segments such as furnishing, cosmetics, construction, etc.

Innovation has been a core concern throughout our entire range of operations. We are constantly working at improving existing techniques of manufacturing as well as developing new ones to cater to the most demanding requirements of clients in a manner that is economical, productive and delivers consistency in quality standards.

Competitive Edge....
When it comes to best quality, few can hold against Jeevan Nonwoven. We manufacture our products that are best suited to our customer at a most competitive price. We firmly believe in total customer satisfaction, we also provide them with on time delivery & after sales services as well.

With continuous R & D and latest technology Jeevan Nonwoven remains the premier choice for total Non- Woven applications under one roof. Using best quality raw material, we manufacture thermally bonded non-woven fabric which is 100% chemical free. Apart from Mumbai, we have our own office in Shanghai, China to source suitable raw materials for our products.

»Insulation (Sound/Heat/Thermal) » Wipes » Filtration  » Automobiles Trims
» Nonwoven Geotextile » Waterproofing Protection  » Perforated Jp Geopipe » Geotextile for Landfill » Non Woven Geo Bags
Home Textile
» Quilts/ Bedspread/ Playpins/ Polyfill » Mattresses Fire Barrier » Furniture/ Wadding/ Polyfill


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